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        Since all of you are lazy, then I shall let you just sit back and see it!!

Random Favourites

Favorites. I love to favorite. I hate that I find guilty pleasure in adding something to my favorites and running away before I even comment. Such a wrong thing to do, even though I hate it when people do it to me all the time. D:

To chase the filthy habit away, I'll try to COMMENT before I favorite, like everyone else should do!

Anyways, these favorites consist of a variety of things that I seem to love: literature, anime, drawings, other random things, etc., and you know that you have to love some of them as well.

*NOTE* Unfortunately, I don't think you can see the stupid literature I saved on here, so the slide show isn't the best, but I like the sound of it!

*NOTE* I didn't use it, but I'm too lazy to delete what I've put above. D:


Vera x Iris by Yamino
by Yamino

I will be honest: I have never considered this pairing as a crack pairing. However, you were able to make it one of my favorites. I hav...

Three Long Time friends by Purified-By-You

It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awes...

Chipmunk by shirou45

This is absolutely wonderfully drawn! Since you already told me what you used to draw this, I have to say, this must have taken you qui...

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Be careful what you wish for!! You might actually get it!

Oh how I wish I had these drawings. They're OH SO pretty and very well done. You have to agree.

Well, a wishlist is a thing you organize to put together what you want, desire, and long for. Unfortunately, none of this I can get. Wishlists, ugh. Poisons my life.

Stare in astonishment at how many wishlist items I have! *sarcasm intended*
Yeah...I've been doing that. Mainly due to the fact that I don't want to run out of episodes to watch/game(s) to play. You can't delay the inevitable for too long, Kage. >:c

For instance, I've been delaying playing the rest of Apollo Justice because I don't want to get one game closer to the end. D: Sure, there are two games pending for release (AA5 / Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney), but still... I want to savor it for as long as I can.

Same thing can be said with Attack on Titan. If you're not sure what Attack on Titan is, then you can just click this handy dandy link here. This will take you to the site that I've been watching it from. It's pretty awesome and amazing so far, not matter how depressing it can get at sometimes. Another anime I've been trying to pace the crap out of is Sword Art Online. You're probably heard of it. Everyone and their mother has heard of it. It's recently had dub release on Toonami, and I plan to rewatch anime with the dub as soon as I finish the sub. 

I might make another journal talking about all the things that I've finally gotten into after having so many people suggest them to me. For example: SHERLOCK, Doctor Who, Welcome to Night Vale, Homestuck, Merlin, etc. I am so, so far behind... 

Oh, and by the way, Doctor Who and Welcome to Night Vale are absolutely fantastic! 

What are some things that you've been delaying or getting into? I'd love to know!
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Zombie Dust Bunny
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I haven't edited this in a while, and this should not go unchallenged. >:C

~ I've been missing my DeviantART page. :C I miss my friends, art, etc., but it seems that other things have been monopolizing my life.

~ I play saxophone. It's fun. You should try sometime.

~ I enjoy talking to people and making friends. C: If you believe we have something in common, feel free to note me, and we'll get some intense chatting on.

~ I'm found on STEAM the majority of the time. Most likely, I'm playing a game. C:

:bulletpurple: GAMES I LIKE :bulletpurple:
American McGee's Alice | Fire Emblem: Awakening | Fallout 3 | Team Fortress 2 | Left 4 Dead 2 | The Binding of Isaac | Portal (1&2) | The Elder Scrolls | Divinity II | Mario | Soul Caliber IV | Professor Layton | Phoenix Wright | andmorethatIwillputlater

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